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ADHD Evaluations

I provide comprehensive ADHD evaluations to help determine if an attention disorder (or something else entirely) is significantly impacting functioning. These evaluations identify strengths and weaknesses in IQ, memory, problem solving, attention, impulse control, and other cognitive skills that are related to behavior and learning. Learning a child’s strengths and weaknesses can help parents, therapists, and the school design better treatments for a child with learning or behavior difficulties.

ADHD evaluation typically include:

  • Initial interview for a thorough background history

  • Review of academic records (report cards, state testing scores, benchmarks, etc.)

  • Cognitive and executive functioning skills testing in the office

  • If academics are a concern, academic testing will also be done

  • Electronic behavior rating scales completed by parents, teacher, and sometimes the child/teen

    • For ADHD, it is imperative to get teacher input on what behaviors look like in the school environment​

  • Comprehensive written report with diagnoses

  • Treatment recommendations and follow-up strategies

  • Feedback session to discuss results

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